All the reading!!!

I just wanted to take a quick minute to share with your ALL my books that I am planning on reading in the near future…

Be jealous.

The two titles you cannot read are Finish the Mission and The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World both by John Piper.

That’s all… I’m gonna try to sleep instead of read all night.

P.S. John Piper gives away tons of his books for free as ebooks if you are interested or want them. (


Day one!

Day one (or two… depending on how you are counting.)

I made it safely and easily with no mishaps and I was even able to sleep a little bit on the plane. I also watched When the Game Stands Tall and My Best Friends Wedding, one of my favorite movies.

[So… if you know me in real life, you know I have this crazy loud boisterous laugh that I can’t always control. Well, I figured out where it came from! Julia Roberts has that laugh and when I was younger I idolized her and wanted to be just like her. That’s what caused me to start wanting to dye my hair red. Just saying…]

Sorry, side tracked by talk of Julia Roberts… hate to say its really not that abnormal.

So, since landing and getting to the flat, I have unpacked, had breakfast, spent some time reading in 2 Timothy, started my Piyo DVD program and did some Cardio X from P90X, but mostly just the Kenpo X stuff. I also showered, did my hair even put make-up on. Now, I am writing a post. Pretty much anything to avoid going to sleep and to ward off jet lag.

Oh the dreaded jet lag. My first trip, it was SO BAD that I was falling asleep every time I sat down. Now, I have learned better how to handle it, and I know that I need to be active and sweat. Last year we went for a run that day and the difference it made was insane. So I wanted to run today, but it didn’t work out well so… DVD workouts in the flat.

Then, I had lunch with K and discussed what things would be looking like for the next few months. Finally, we went off to english class for the youth and I was able to help K and R with that portion of what I will be helping with.

God is doing a lot of big things here and I am so thrilled to be able to be a part of it.

Much Love

Be praying, please, for:

Language – French is HARD!

That I would long to spend ever more time in the Word

For the Lord to speak clearly and to hear clearly what He would have me to do.

[P.S. – Please don’t expect daily blog post… I cannot manage that – lets just be real. If you subscribe (over there to the right,) you will get an e-mail when I post then you can read it!]

[P.P.S. – The photo below is an example of why I have the best friends in the World!]

Morgan Letter

Twas the Night Before Belgium…

Twas the night before Belgium

And all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring

Except for a Morgan.

The bags all packed

By the front door with care

With Prayers

The Jesse and her

Could make it the airport.

The snow has come quick

And mounted with ease

While Morgan whined loudly

Wishing snow to be gone.

[Hope you enjoyed that… it just came to me… Because I am a dork like that.]


It’s here.

The night before I leave.

I cannot believe that in 12 hours I will be on a plane heading for Belgium.

For three months!

This is just insanity – of the best sort.

I am so excited and honestly, these past few days, I have been absolutely blown away by the kindness, love and generosity of my friends and those in my life. Even my Middle Schoolers… they have been sending me the most encouraging text and letters. I am amazed. Simply blown away.

The Lord is so good.

I learned a long time ago that on my own, I am not well liked and I am not very likable. [I am OK with this assessment of myself – don’t worry, my self-esteem and all such things are fine, I am stating fact.] However, The Lord has been so faithful to me and has grown me into this person that people love. [Hope that doesn’t come across as prideful… oh gosh!] Seriously though, I grew up in my hometown being generally disliked and picked on, and now the Lord has been so gracious to give me favor is so many environments and so many people that love me and show me love that I cannot even begin to process it. I look at my friends sometimes and just ask they, “Why do you fools even like me?” or “I still cannot believe that you wanted to be my friend.” I really ask these questions… and I know that it must be because of the Lord being faithful, gracious and loving. There is not other reason I can even begin to accept or believe.

So unending thanks to God, my Lord, for his Faithfulness in loving me, despite how broken I am, and for giving me the privilege of my friends, my church and this call to Belgium. I don’t deserve such extravagant gifts, but He gives anyway.

So… anyway.

T-Minus 12 hours…

Until I Fly Away.


Keep up with me on here because I will be trying to update regularly.

T-Minus 7 Days…

Friends, my departure date is swiftly arriving.

Last night, I went down the airport to pick up my friend, and after she got in, we walked past the United counter and I looked at her and said, “We’ll be here in one week sending me off!” That’s when it really started to get real… In one week, Jesse will be picking me up, I’ll be freaking out, we’ll go to the coffee shop so I can say my last goodbyes and I’ll be gone. CRAZY!

It’s been weird for me to see things differently as I am leaving. For one, I know now, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I am a control freak. I am worried about how things are going to be while I am gone. I am worried about my Youth Group kids and how they will grow or fail while I am gone. I know, in my head, that the Lord holds them, but practically I worry. I just love these kids so much and I want to see them grow and succeed and love God. But, I also know that God has called me to go to Belgium and has given my favor with the youth kids there like he has my youth kids here, so I am going in obedience, and full blown excitement. But I do worry for my students here.

High School (and Middle School) are hard. I think things may legitimately be more difficult these days than when I grew up. Or maybe just where I live now. But I feel like sin is crouching at every door, and the doors are wide open. They have so much access to so much more than we did, with all the technology and accessibility. Gossip can fly the second it’s heard, rather than giving a person a minute to think about it before they share it. You can pull up any image on your phone at any time, that’s dangerous. The need for person accountability and impulse control is higher than its ever been, and unfortunately, its a lost art.

So what do we do. What have I learned to do when my inner control freak, well, freaks out? I turn to prayer. I cannot control everything and everyone, as much as I would like to, but I can talk to God. He not only has the control, but the plan and He knows best, even when it does not make sense.

“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice. Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” Philippians 4:5-7

And you call be praying for me, that instead of Epaphras, this would be true of me.

“Epaphras [Morgan], who is one of you, a servant of Christ Jesus, greets you, always struggling on your behalf in his prayers, that you may stand mature and fully assured in all the will of God.” Col 4:12

Pushing Back Darkness

[Note: This was written back few weeks ago (mostly) and I thought it had been lost, then I found it… so it was finished and posted… so the time delays are weird. Sorry, not sorry.]

This weekend, and currently, I am with my middle schoolers serving all around OKC. We painted, cleaned, take, tore down, edged and prayed all over this city these past two days. We also invited an apartment complex to a carnival that we will be throwing at their complex. Here are some pictures from our weekend thus far!

IMG_0125 2 IMG_0130 IMG_0131 IMG_0152 IMG_0175 IMG_0179

Then, this morning, we attended church at Frontline Church in Mid-Town.

IMG_0136 IMG_0138 IMG_0140

It was an excellent service on the difference between finding out identity in Morality and the law versus finding our identity in Christ. The difference in freedom between those two is insane and humbling.
A couple of great quotes…

The law doesn’t give you righteousness , it shows you that you don’t have any! — Andy Burkhart

“We are children of the promise, it’s a miracle that God saved us [all of us, not just the really bad ones]” -Andy Burkhart

We talked about how Christ was and is our only righteousness and that when we try to obtain righteousness in any other way, we devalue His works on the Cross, and we elevate ourselves to a status that we cannot begin to obtain. Thinking we can do anything to save our selves, that our works are anything more than mere “filthy rags” is absurd and defames our Lord. Our ability to follow rule and make things look good for everyone IS NOT REAL CHRISTIANITY. It’s a facade that stops us from interacting with others genuinely and limits our ability to look to others around us for accountability and strength. When we begin to depend on ourselves, I am reminded of Ephesians 2:3 where Paul talks about us following the “desires of the body and the mind” which leads to wrath. Ephesians 2:1-3 gives a pretty good idea of where we stood before Christ intervened. Legalism and self-righoutness can very easily fall into these desires of the mind. It’s far easier to be focused on doing the right thing and following rules than it is to humble yourself, admit you cannot do it, and follow someone else to step in and save you.

We are a proud, proud people. We includes me, but it also included you. We cannot stand to fail, or be wrong. We HATE being forced to be dependent or anyone else. Any true and honest Christian will tell you that learning dependence on God is the most painful, difficult process that we face,but one that is so well worth it.

Umm, Guys….

Again, sorry that I have been absent, but it’s been a REALLY busy time!

Things happening in February:
Quitting my Coffee Shop job (Hopefully to come back later)
Completing my Internships
Graduating with my Master’s in Counseling!!!


So… Sorry, not sorry, I have been too busy to post… Soon!