A Full Apartment and Broken Hot Water Heaters, with A Cold on the Side!

What a crazy whirlwind it has been since we landed! So we landed after the constant delays and missed flights.

So once we landed, we came home to the apartment and we had an out of country pastor and 3 of this friends and ministry partners staying with us for the weekend. Spending time with these brothers and sisters was wondering, and hearing their stories of coming to faith, as they were all once muslim. Hearing the success their ministry is having and the joy in which our Father has given them was a joy for us. Saturday we had two services where the Pastor was able to share the Gospel with our immigrant crowd on Saturday morning, and the church as whole for a special event Saturday night and as part of our normal service Sunday morning. It was amazing to see the Lord at work in all of these services and see evidences of salvation for an individual who I have known for 3 years and who others have been praying for salvation for over the past 7 years. It was an amazing blessing to be present for such an event.

However, having to hit the ground running after all the mishaps in with travel and with no time to rest and recover from jet lag was very difficult. Our guest stayed with us from Friday until Sunday after service. Sunday after service, Jennifer and I came back to the apartment, had lunch and I was heading for my room, when I hear a booming voice yell “MORGAN”! It was one of my friends and he and 3 other friends has come over to have some of the leftover lunch and hang out. I was excited to see them, but also very tired and ready for a nap. So I talked with them for a bit, then we went to the couches to hang out and I laid down on my half and one of the couches and tired to nap, while hanging with my friends.

That didn’t work too well… as you can imagine. So once my friend left, I slept for about an hour and a half and then we got up and prepared our English Lessons for the week.

Monday was a big day with 3 English Lessons and another hours and half nap for me. I started feeling a little rough that night, but assumed it was no big thing. Had a nice Skype chat that evening with my little brother and called it a night. I was BIG time looking forward to our Tuesday rest day.

Well… Tuesday I woke up feeling like death! I literally only got out of bed to make little bits of food, get medicine, and go to the bathroom. I literally slept for over 10 hours, when my usual is like 6 and I am good, and spent ALL day in bed. I had some evil sinus mess, and then in the evening, my old friend the migraine showed up (and yes I mean migraine – I know the difference between headache and migraine. I get both often… this was a migraine). Overnight, the sinus stuff began to subside some (A BIG Praise to the Lord and shout out to my Prayer Warriors) but that migraine was still rock in full force. 635578591322705516-124488261So my roommate helped me draw a hot bath this morning (yes – literally draw, because we have not had hot water since we got here. We totally did the whole boil water on the stove and fill the tub, then cool it down the cold water from the faucet – thing. It is hard work, and it definitely helps you treasure the value a nice hot bath or shower. I would have killed for a nice hot shower last night… seriously though. It would have helped so much). After my bath, I at least felt clean.

My migraine was able to vacate my mind by 2pm today so that I could teach a youth class, which had 15 students! They were very well behaved and picked up on stuff very quickly. I am kind of excited about this group! I was able to come home for the rest of the afternoon and relax. My headache is gone, and I am starting to feel so much better!

Tomorrow should be a good day! In theory, I will be feeling better, AND we should be getting out hot water heater fixed (that’s also in theory… but ya know… Here’s to hoping!)


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